The BBM Community Collection: Our New Apparel Launch!

The BBM Community Collection: Our New Apparel Launch!

We are thrilled to share the news with you – a brand new apparel launch is here! Here at Blueberry Moon, we have been working endlessly behind the scenes, pouring our passion and creativity into crafting a collection that we couldn't wait to reveal!

The BBM Community and your support since we have opened is what makes this launch so special. Capturing the essence of BBM, as well as the heart of Barrie, and translating it into pieces that our customers would love was so fun!

Designing, refining, and perfecting – it's been months in the making, and every step of the process has been fueled by excitement. We are so grateful to Ciara from Third Rodeo Creative for helping us create such amazing apparel for this launch! 


The BBM Community Collection

Check out some of the collection below!



Kempenfelt Kelly

We are so excited to be bring the legendary Lake Simcoe "Kempenfelt Kelly" back to the people of Barrie, Ontario! If you haven't heard the lore, Kempenfelt Kelly was first spotted in 1832.  A settler, named David Soules, witnessed something in the water of Lake Simcoe that was "a huge, long thing that went through the water like a streak" and descibed it as “having huge fin-like appendages and being very large and very ugly looking". 

This was the first detailed sighting of the lake creature that would later come to be known as Kempenfelt Kelly.

Although you may not believe the story, it is a big part of Barrie's history that we wanted to bring back to the people! 

Shop the BBM Community Collection online or in store. Or Check out the rest of our designs and apparel launch on our website under "Apparel".


A Restock Is Coming!

Don't worry, the BBM Community Collection isn't going anywhere anytime soon. We will be restocking online and in-store as soon as wel can! Thank you so much for the support. See you at our next launch! 

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