your friendly neighbourhood new age general store

Blueberry Moon is a new age general store, located in a cozy nook in the heart of downtown Barrie. Doors are opened with a welcoming embrace and walls are lined full of artisan bounty.

Blueberry Moon is carefully curated with goods that give back - sourced from small businesses and often local. Those who shop feel an immediate sense of belonging, as the space oozes inclusivity.

In a world so keen on the dollar, Blueberry Moon values kindness above all and is a believer in soul rather than wallet.

Growing dreams, old buses, and a contagious smile. Heather is the sunshine on Dunlop. I think anyone who pushes through the door of Blueberry Moon would meet an authentic version of Heather. Her personality is wide open and blossoms into spaces like a wildflower.

Born in Northern Ontario, her life was enriched by a strong community of women that celebrated tradition in the rhythms of nature. She’d spend childhoods waiting for blueberries to ripen and learning the mysteries of the moon. The sweetness of berries paired with the warmth of shared connection was something she yearned throughout adulthood.

Heather opened her heart to that dream when she sold shirts from her worn Volkswagen and from there her dream continued to run. This store allowed Heather to not only chase her dreams, but open a door to others to run with theirs as well. 

The store is impactfully curated. Heather knows the stories and faces behind the items; she believes in them. Through Blueberry Moon, she lives her tradition of berry picking daily - with sercy, with kindness and with human connection.

Anita - the self-proclaimed queen of stickers! Anita just wandered into the shop one day and never left. She’s a recently graduated graphic designer with a passion for illustration (you might even find some of her designs in the shop!). She has a love for all things local and is often found trotting around Dunlop street with a cup of tea and iPad in hand. She’s all about genuine connections and finding artistic inspiration in the natural world.

When Caitlin stumbled upon Blueberry Moon one snowy winter day, she instantly knew that this must be the place. She found her groove at BBM and began expressing her creativity and pouring out her overflowing heart!

In an ever-changing world, it is hard to predict where our paths will lead us. Caitlin has never had a clear view of her path, it has been full of twists and turns and unexpected detours. However, she’s always felt in her heart and soul that no matter what the journey looks like, her destination will be somewhere surrounded by young spirits who are learning to navigate the world.

Caitlin’s goal in life is to uplift and encourage young people to believe in themselves and the power of human connection. With a heart like hers, her goofiness, and her passion for inclusion, connection, and environment, you can’t get enough of Cait.

Kendall is a quilter, maker and colour-enthusiast who is happiest when she’s making stuff with other people. Born and raised in the hustle and bustle (and oppressive congestion) of Los Angeles, Kendall struggled to find her place in the world. That is until she moved to Barrie in 2020 and found BBM. If given the chance, Kendall would never leave Dunlop street. She is enamored by the old buildings, small businesses, good food and kind people.

If you ever want to discuss a creative project, or how much you love Barrie, make sure you stop by when Kendall is around!