“We are all just walking each other home” -Ram Dass

Blueberry Moon is a new age general store, located in a cozy nook in the heart of downtown Barrie. Doors are opened with a welcoming embrace and walls are lined full of artisan bounty.

Blueberry Moon is carefully curated with goods that give back - sourced from small businesses and often local. Those who shop feel an immediate sense of belonging, as the space oozes inclusivity.

In a world so keen on the dollar, Blueberry Moon values kindness above all and is a believer in soul rather than wallet.

Growing dreams, old buses, and a contagious smile. Heather is the sunshine on Dunlop. I think anyone who pushes through the door of Blueberry Moon would meet an authentic version of Heather. Her personality is wide open and blossoms into spaces like a wildflower.

Born in Northern Ontario, her life was enriched by a strong community of women that celebrated tradition in the rhythms of nature. She’d spend childhoods waiting for blueberries to ripen and learning the mysteries of the moon. The sweetness of berries paired with the warmth of shared connection was something she yearned throughout adulthood.

Heather opened her heart to that dream when she sold shirts from her worn Volkswagen and from there her dream continued to run. This store allowed Heather to not only chase her dreams, but open a door to others to run with theirs as well. 

The store is impactfully curated. Heather knows the stories and faces behind the items; she believes in them. Through Blueberry Moon, she lives her tradition of berry picking daily - with sercy, with kindness and with human connection.

Maddy Garvey wasn't born a hippie but that all changed when she walked through the doors of Blueberry Moon for the first time. Madds became a member of the team fairly quickly and fell in love with the community straight away. She is a university student with a passion for supporting young adults along their mental health journey. Maddy released her podcast, "Comin' Home" in 2021 in hopes to provide a place for connection and storytelling and to speak freely about mental health. She is in pursuit of finding what brings her the most joy in life and that's what we love about her. Madds will welcome you into the store with a smile and you'll want to be her bestie immediately.

Victoria Butler is a writer and Springsteen fangirl. She is currently finishing her degree in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto and released her first poetry collection , "Little Miracles" with Black Moss Press in 2021. Working at Blueberry Moon has been amazing for connecting with her community but terrible for her candle addiction. When she's not at the shop, she's delivering flowers for Forgather Floral or making magic happen at SB Creative Studio. She lives with her cat, Zelda. Victoria is a fixture on Dunlop, you may remember her from her years at Bohemia. She will charm you with her razor sharp wit and adorable style.